Cpt. James Hope
NPS – Antietam National Battlefield

After the incredibly bloody and brutal Battle of Antietam, Captain James Hope of the 2nd Vermont Infantry was positioned near the high plateau which the Antietam Visitor Center sits on today.  From this position, Hope had an amazing 360 degree view of the aftermath of the Battle.  A professional artist, Hope would sketch the scenes that he saw.  Years after the war he would recreate them in a series of paintings that offer us so much more than period photographs ever could.  After falling into neglect after his death, the National Park Service was able to purchase and save Hope’s wonderful paintings.  They have been on display in the Antietam Visitor Center ever since.  On your next visit to the Battlefield take the time to quietly study these large, powerful images, and see through the eyes of a veteran who witnessed the scenes first hand.

“Aftermath at Bloody Lane”
NPS – Antietam National Battlefield

“A Fateful Turn”
NPS – Antietam National Battlefield

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