Anniversary Weekend 2012: the 150th!

Over the past weekend, the Rangers, Volunteers, and Guides at Antietam National Battlefield were heavily involved in the events and programs of Antietam’s 150th Anniversary.  I am sure I can speak for all when I say it was something that we will never forget.  Excellent care was taken to provide visitors with a perfect mix of education and entertainment, without ever sacrificing the dignity and honor due to such a place as Antietam, and on such an occasion.  Truly fantastic.  We hope you enjoyed your visit, and had a chance to meet all of our guides while you were out and about the battlefield.  We look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Below is a video of the first artillery shots on Monday, September 17, 2012, during the 6:30am Ranger lead “Cornfield Walk”.  Involved in the firing of one of the cannon were Antietam Guide Jim Rosebrock, and Guide candidates Jim Buchanan and Dave Maher.  Note how the roar of the cannon keeps rolling long after the guns had fired.  Visitors, and Rangers, in the Cornfield at that moment commented on how powerful and moving the walk was, especially with the added acoustics of artillery; just as it would have been 150 years before.

2 responses

  1. You would not have believed how the sounds of the cannon fire (and also small arms fire) echoed through the Cornfield if you had not been there to hear it.

    1. Sharon, I can imagine. We could hear the cannon blasts roll on and on. The weather conditions were perfect for a truly amazing acoustic experience – Dave

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