Randy Buchman

I first visited Antietam in 1968 as a 13-year-old from New Jersey and was captured by the human drama emanating from The Cornfield, Bloody Lane, and Burnside’s Bridge. Little could I have imagined that a day would come when I would live near this sacred place and have the privilege to serve among the select group of scholars, historians, and writers comprising the Antietam Battlefield Guides.

I especially enjoy working with families and school groups. And it is a pleasure to help guests of all types gain a contextualized view of the battle of Antietam in American history—to understand anew the timeless nature of the human struggle for justice and freedom. Together, we’ll share some humor surrounding some of the quirky personalities of many of the primary characters, even while it is not unusual to shed a few tears in consideration of the great sacrifices made by our forebears.

Driving north on the old Hagerstown Turnpike, I’ll be sure to introduce you to my favorite guy on the battlefield: Abner Doubleday. I have researched and composed a nearly-completed biography about this very interesting Civil War general.

Passionate communication has been the necessary goal of my life endeavors. I serve as the senior pastor of a church of about 700 people, having also for many years been the head coach of a three-time state championship high school cross country program. Baseball is an additional passion as well, and for many years I wrote opinion articles in coverage of the Baltimore Orioles for an online sports network.

So, do come and visit! You will walk away enriched in your knowledge of history, encouraged by the valor of those who gave all for their ideals, and resolved to preserve such national treasures as this place called “Antietam.”

Dr. Randy Buchman

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  1. Dr Buchman,

    Look forward to being with you on Monday. There will be four of us-along with myself, my two sons(Brad and Brian) and a grandson(Jake). My grandson, Jake, is a senior in high school and runs track so I am sure he will enjoy talking with you and your successes in cross country coaching. Antietam will be our first of three battlefields we plan to visit during the fourth of July week. We also plan to tour Gettysburg and maybe Manassas. I have some photos of Antietam taken right after the battle so it would be interesting to see what those particular sites look like today. They include the fence on Hagerstown Pike, Bloody Lane, Dr. Miller’s House, and Dunker Church.

    See you on Monday.

    Fred Fenn

  2. Randy,

    About 6 years ago you gave a tour to one of my co-workers and myself when we were back east for business. We have booked you again for Nov. 7 of this year. See you soon.

    -Jon Fleckal

  3. Dr. Buchman,
    Looking outward to our tour. Can you recommend a non-fiction history book I could read to prepare for our tour?

    Tim Brady

    1. Hello Tim: There are several you might choose from. For an overview of the battle within the context of the campaign there is “Crossroads of Freedom” by James McPherson. An older overview — a book that is criticized by some as too anti-McClellan, yet still very good in my view — is “Landscape Turned Red” by Sears. And a more detailed and comprehensive study is “To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September 1862” by Harwig ……. this latter being hailed as the best work ever on the battle. I’ll look forward to meeting you and showing you where the 1st Alaska regiment went into the battle! 🙂

  4. Thank you. Currently reading “Battle of Antietam” staff ride guide by Ted Ballard. Will read your suggested also. Looking forward to our visit.

  5. Want to book tour for morning of May 15.
    You guided us 7 years ago.
    Please let us know what we need to do to make this happen.

  6. DeEtte,

    To book Randy for a tour, you can contact the Antietam Museum Store:

    Phone: (301) 432-4329

    Email: wmia@hughes.net

  7. Hello my name is Dr Ken Davis I would like to schedule a battle field tour of Antietam for this coming Tuesday September 8 Please contact me by email or cell 2019612290 email davismystic@aol.com thank you

  8. Peter O'Reilly | Reply

    Hello Dr. Buchman,

    We have a group of five, including two teens, that would like to take a tour on Tuesday if you’re free. We can be flexible on timing. Would love to hear stories of the soldiers, the battle, and your work on Doubleday too. We target Tuesday since Grandpa’s in from NJ. Please let us know if that works, or we’ll try for another time in the future. Thanks much!

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