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Our Antietam Battlefield Guides also offer tours of the September 1862 Harpers Ferry and South Mountain battlefields.

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  1. We have a group of six and we are looking for a tour of the Antietam and perhaps harpers ferry or south mountain. We are hoping to schedule the tour for Tuesday, April 20. We would be flexible as to time. Please contact me by email or by phone at 612-716-8372.

    1. Please call the Antietam Museum Store at (301) 432-4329 to schedule the tour.

  2. Kathy Blackstone | Reply

    We want to invite 2 history-buff relatives down and I’m wondering what days you do the private tours and the cost.

    1. We give tours seven days a week as long as guides are available. You can find our tour offerings and rates here:

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