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Antietam Staff Rides: Leadership Development for Today’s Defense Professionals

“Properly conducted, [staff rides] bring to life, on the very terrain where historic encounters took place, examples, applicable today as in the past, of leadership tactics and strategy, communications, use of terrain, and, above all, the psychology of the men in battle.”

Gen. John Wickham, Jr.

An Antietam Staff Ride is a powerful tool. Although today’s battles differ from those of the past, they remain a human endeavor. Antietam Staff Rides explore:

  • Military decisions made during the carnage of America’s bloodiest day
  • Today’s doctrinal elements as applied in the past
  • Applications to winning future battles

Antietam Staff Rides follow the U.S. Army Center of Military History three-phased model of preliminary study (pre-work), field study, and integration. Materials and facilitation are provided by National Park Service Certified Antietam Battlefield Guides.

Developed by Veterans: Antietam Battlefield Guides include retired military officers and non-commissioned officers (NCO’s), graduates of the U.S. Army War College, Industrial College of the Army Forces, the Advanced NCO Course, and Battle Staff NCO course.

Staff Ride Logistics:

  • For the field study phase at Antietam, large groups are broken down into smaller groups of approximately 20 participants per guide.
  • A successful Staff Ride involves maximum participation from group members. Completing the pre-work Battle Analysis is highly recommended to prepare groups to engage in the discussion on the field.
  • Lunch and restroom breaks are on the itinerary. Your guide will help you coordinate a local pick-up lunch option if your group does not pack lunches.
  • Your guide will electronically provide all study materials and maps required for a successful Staff Ride, along with advice if additional reading is desired.

Options and Pricing: All Staff Rides are customized to your group’s objectives, and include the pre-work, field study, and integration phases facilitated by National Park Service Certified Antietam Battlefield Guides. The park entrance fee is waived for Staff Rides upon submission of a request form.

Six-Hour Antietam Staff Ride: Includes all key areas of engagement on the battlefield.
$240.00 per guide

Eight-Hour Antietam Staff Ride: Includes additional hikes to explore the action at Lee’s center and the Final Attack.
$320 per guide

* Group size – 20-25 people per guide.

To book a Staff Ride, call the Antietam National Battlefield Museum Store at (301) 432-4329, or

View our staff ride brochure below:

The past is prologue.

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