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Help Preserve 44 Acres at Antietam!

A historic opportunity has arose to purchase and protect 44 acres at Antietam.  The Civil War Trust has recently launched a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to purchase the Wilson Farm.  This is no ordinary tract of land, however.  Though the buildings are not historic to the Battle, the fields surrounding the house and barn are located at the heart of the morning action at Antietam.  Throughout the entire morning, those 44 acres saw wave after wave of attacks and counter-attacks across the land.  The triangular parcel of land is arguably the bloodiest of the entire day.  To learn more about the efforts to save 44 acres at Antietam, and to donate to the Civil War Trust to help in the cause, visit the Trust’s website:

The Civil War Trust has also produced a fantastic video describing the fighting that took place on and around those 44 acres:

War Department – Antietam: The Epicenter of the Battlefield from Civil War Trust on Vimeo.

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