Brad Gottfried

Although I live near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I have chosen to be an Antietam Battlefield Guide for a variety of reasons. Antietam was the turning point of the Civil War and the bloodiest one-day battle in our history. I also find it easier to relate the compelling story of the battle because it is a smaller battlefield and its one-day duration. That does not mean that it was not eventful and complex. The battle of Antietam is filled with troop movements, combat, human interest stories, and drama. I try to relate all of these in my tours.

I have a strong interest in the Civil War, having written fourteen books on the topic. The list is below. Of greatest significance is my Maps of Antietam that follows the flow of the campaign in about 125 maps. Writing this book taught me so much about this campaign, but it was augmented by hours of walking the battlefield.

I am retired now, but I remain an educator. After receiving my Ph.D., I taught full-time for eleven years at three colleges and then entered the ranks of the administration, rising to the role of President for seventeen years at two colleges. I retired as President of the College of Southern Maryland in 2018. I now devote my time to writing and giving tours of the Antietam battlefield.

Brad’s Published Books:

Hell Comes to Southern Maryland: The History of the Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp

Kearny’s Own: The History of the First New Jersey Brigade

Maps of First Bull Run

Maps of Antietam

Maps of the Fredericksburg

Maps of Gettysburg

Maps of the Cavalry at Gettysburg

Maps of Bristoe Station/Mine Run

Maps of the Wilderness Campaign

Roads to Gettysburg

Stopping Pickett: The History of the Philadelphia Brigade

The Artillery of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg: A Guided Tour

The Brigades of Gettysburg

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