Lucas Cade

Antietam Creek. Sharpsburg. Burnside Bridge. The Cornfield. The Sunken Road. These place names held a mystical fascination for me as a boy growing up in Georgia. I often wondered if I would ever see these places, to try to understand what happened that fateful day – 17 September 1862 – and why. Fortunately, my life’s journey brought me to Maryland, and I have been able to spend many hours walking and reflecting on what are now farms and fields of pristine beauty.

If you and your friends or family are considering a visit to Antietam National Battlefield, it would be my privilege to take you around what is one of the most well-preserved battlefields in America. Through decades of care and good stewardship, you will be able to see what the soldiers saw with a minimum of modern-day intrusions, and you will walk the same ground they did. I will help you to understand why the battle was fought, and how it had such profound influence on our country’s history. This is a story woven with courage and tragedy and bravery and fear. Let me help you to understand the desperate struggle that took place here.

You can book a tour with me by calling the Antietam Museum Bookstore at 301-432-4329 or 866-461-5180.

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