Antietam Photography

photo from Antietam NB Facebook page

Yesterday, collodion artist T.N. Harrington stopped Antietam National Battlefield to capture a few images of the historic landscape, as well as give a quick photo lesson to some of the Park staff.  You can check out photographs of this event on the Antietam National Battlefield Facebook page here.

Sunken Road – Bloody Lane

Of course as we quickly approach the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam on September 17, we will also soon be marking the 150th Anniversary of Alexander Gardner’s powerful photographs of the dead and destruction of Antietam.  Just as haunting and emotional as they were all those years ago, Gardner’s images forever changed the world.  It had been the first time a battlefield had been photographed so soon after the guns fell silent, and the horrific slaughter seen in the photos helped visualize the long lists of casualties the country had been reading in newspapers throughout the War.  Take a few moments and check out a collection of Gardner’s photos on Antietam National Battlefield’s Flickr page here.  Also, Antietam National Battlefield has a great page where you can learn more about photography at Antietam.

Visit soon, and take your own Antietam photographs!

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