Antietam Guide Books

Our Guides are always hard at work researching, speaking, and publishing in order to further all of our knowledge on the Battle of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign.  Two of our veteran Guides, Steve Recker and Tom Clemens have two new publications out just in time for the 150th Anniversary of Antietam, this weekend.

Steve Recker has put together a staggering collection of rare photographs of the Antietam Battlefield that not only help us understand the Battle, but the evolution of the National Battlefield we all know today.  His latest book is titled, Rare Images of Antietam: and the photographers who took them, and will be available this weekend.  You can order a copy through Steve’s page here, or pick one up this weekend at the Battlefield.  Steve will be speaking at the Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center on Friday (9/14) at 1pm.

Any good student of the Maryland Campaign knows how incredibly priceless the work of Antietam Historian, and veteran of the Battle, Ezra Carman is.  Carman sat as the Historian of the Antietam Battlefield Commission, and as such, collected hundreds of soldier interviews and accounts of the Battle.  However, for generations, Carman’s manuscript sat unfinished, and underutilized.  Recently, Antietam Guide and Historian, Dr. Tom Clemens, toiled for years to organize, annotate, and research Carman’s unfinished work.  In 2010, Clemens published Vol.I of Carman’s work, which takes readers up to the Battle of South Mountain.  Vol. II,which will be available this weekend, is almost entirely dedicated to Carman’s research of the Battle of Antietam.  It is from this research that a series of invaluable ‘time stamped’ maps were created of the action at Antieatm, as well as the text we all see on the War Department Tablets.  So order your copy today, or pick it up at the battlefield this weekend.  You can also hear Tom speak on the subject at 10am on Sunday (9/16) in the Speakers Tent near the Visitor Center.

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