Artillery at Antietam

David R. Maher – 2011

If you plan on visiting Antietam National Battlefield in the future, make sure you swing by the Visitor Center bookstore and pick yourself up the latest brochure created by the staff at Antietam.  It’s called “Artillery at Antietam”, and will set you back about $1.

 Inside you will find wonderfull facts, quotes, and images to help you learn about Civil War artillery, and why Antietam became forever known as “Artillery Hell.”  Also inside, you will find a fantastic map noting the positions of all of the cannon now placed on the Battlefield, as well as information about each artillery battery those gun positions represent, and a great ‘range map’ which helps you understand the range and effectivness of artillery during the Battle.

inside the brochure

For the first time, the guns of Antietam have become more than decorations on the landscape.  Thanks to this brochure, and the recent historical repositioning of many of the guns, artillery at Antietam has become a powerful interpretive tool.  So, during your next visit, pick up the brochure, and look for those guns!


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  1. not as built up and touristy as gettysburg, but a little more pristine. also some nice walking trails like down along antietam creek from burnside bridge. i love finding all the wild paw paw trees around there.

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