Antietam Battlefield Guide Tour Programs & Rates

(Tour prices are subject to change without notice)

Highlight Tour (2 hours): This tour is designed for those with young children or people on a tight schedule, and will cover the Cornfield, Sunken Road, and Burnside Bridge overlook.

1-10 people: $80.00
11-29 people: $145.00
30+ people: $175.00

Standard Tour (3 hours): This is our standard tour and includes an introduction to the Maryland Campaign at the Visitors Center as well as stops at the Cornfield, Sunken Road, and Burnside Bridge. It is designed for individuals or groups seeking general knowledge of the battle and the battlefield.

1-10 people: $120.00
11-29 people: $220.00
30+ people: $265.00

Extended Tour (4 hours): This tour is designed for those visitors interested in exploring the battlefield in greater depth. It includes all parts of the Standard Tour however time is built in for additional stops or extended time at the 3 Standard Tour stops.

1-10 people: $160.00
11-29 people: $290.00
30+ people: $350.00

Antietam Plus Tour (6 hours): This 6-hour tour includes a Standard Tour of Antietam and a trip to one other battlefield, of the visitor’s choice, associated with the Maryland Campaign (either Harpers Ferry or South Mountain). All Antietam Plus tours originate at the Antietam Battlefield Visitors Center. Note: Walk-ins are not available for Antietam Plus Tours.

1-10 people: $240.00
11-29 people: $440.00
30+ people: $530.00

The Road to Antietam Tour (6 hours): This tour covers the often-overlooked segments of the Maryland Campaign, what caused the armies to meet at Sharpsburg and by what routes they traveled. Once visitors have toured Antietam, they realize the significance of the events and battles that lead to the Battle of Antietam. The Road to Antietam tours originates at the Antietam National Battlefield Visitors Center. During this six-hour tour visitors will explore all three battlefields of South Mountain passes (Turners, Fox’s and Crampton’s Gaps) and the siege at Harpers Ferry that preceded America’s bloodiest day. This alternative to the 8-hour Campaign Tour allows visitors to cover a portion of the Campaign on one day and then add the Standard or Extended Tour on the following day. Note: Walk-ins are not available for Antietam Plus Tours.

1-10 people: $240.00
11-29 people: $440.00
30+ people: $530.00

Campaign Tour (8 hours): The Campaign Tour covers all three battlefields of the Maryland Campaign (Antietam, South Mountain & Harpers Ferry). The tour originates at Antietam and travels to South Mountain and Harpers Ferry to explore the battles that preceded America’s bloodiest day. After touring South Mountain & Harpers Ferry you return to Antietam for the 3-hour Standard Tour. Note: Walk-ins are not available for the Campaign Tour.

1-10 people: $320.00
11-29 people: $580.00
30+ people: $700.00

Note: For all large tour groups over 50 people, a second guide is required. For all bus groups, one guide is required for per bus.

Other Programs:

Walk-in service: Walk-in service is available, during park operating hours (dawn to dusk), on a first come first serve basis for the 3-hour Standard Tour and the 4-hour Extended Tour, however with walk-in service a guide cannot be guaranteed. To guarantee a guide, make a reservation in advance of your visit to Antietam. For reservations, call toll-free at 1-866-461-5180 or 301-432-4329 during business hours (9:00-3:00 EST) to book a tour or to inquire further about our guide service.

Customized Tours: If you are interested in a particular part of the battlefield or a specific unit or if you have an ancestor who fought at Antietam, guides are available to provide a Customized Tour for you three or four hours in length. Walk-in tours are not available for Customized Tours.

Specialty Tours: We do offer Specialty Tours that cover other aspects of the battle. For more information about these tours, you can check our website or inquire at the Antietam Museum Store.

Hiking or Biking Tours: We also offer hiking and biking tours geared toward youth and school groups. Walk-in tours are not available for Hiking and Biking Tours.

To book a tour, please call the Antietam National Battlefield Museum Store at 301-432-4329.


Antietam Battlefield Guides will adhere to all state and local requirements for maximum group gatherings. As such, tour participants may be limited or divided into multiple groups to ensure compliance. A tour guide will be assigned to each group and individual tour fees will apply for each group.

If a tour group arrives after the scheduled tour start time and has not informed the guide, they will be late, the tour guide may choose to leave. If this occurs, tour fees will not be refunded.

Check the guide biographies on our website. If there is a particular guide you are interested in securing, call 301-432-4329 and let the bookstore associate know that during your conversation.

10 responses

  1. I want to schedule time with standard 3 hour tour. My husband and I will be visiting during Nov. 2020.

  2. What time do the tours run?

    1. Tour times begin as early as daylight as long there is a guide available then. All of the sites visited on the tour are open from dawn to dusk.

  3. Would like schedule a standard private tour for three tomorrow at 1:30 pm. Thx

    1. All inquiries for tours must be made by contacting the Antietam Museum Store by phone. Please give them a call at (301) 432-4329. We look forward to seeing you!

  4. Sandra Semcoski | Reply

    I would like to book an extended tour for August 9, 2021 or August 10th or 11th. Please contact me at your earliest convenience with availability. If you do Harpers Ferry Tours I would also like to book on a different day for a tour. Please tell me how to book over phone or online. Thank you.

    1. Please contact the Antietam Museum Store at (301) 432-4329 to make inquiries about scheduling a tour guide on those dates. Thank you.

  5. Hi! I’m having a tough time trying to get through using this number. Looking for a standard tour for Friday November 5th. The line rings but no voicemail or person picks up

  6. I am interested in a customized tour for two to four people. What is the rate for a tour of this type?

    1. The tour rate depends on the amount of time the tour lasts. Please see above for more information.

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