Talks & Presentations

This page is devoted to letting you know what our guides are up to when they are not out on the battlefield leading tours and hikes. Our guides are incredibly talented, and many frequent various Civil War roundtables, as well as historical seminars and forums, to share their knowledge of the American Civil War.  You may also want to visit each guide’s bio page for information on specific talks and tours that they can offer your group or event.


April 18: Sharon Murray, “Col. Grimes Davis and the Escape from Harper’s Ferry,” Frederick Civil War Roundtable

May 19: Jim Rosebrock, “‘Up Came Hill:’ The Last Confederate Attack at Antietam,” Antietam Creek Vineyard

June 5: Gordon Dammann, “Birth of Nursing and Hospital Care As a Result of the Civil War,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

June 19: Joe Stahl, “Images from Meade’s Division: The Pennsylvania Reserves at Antietam,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

July 3: Tom Clemens, “Antietam in Their Own Words: Letters from the Veterans Describe the Battle,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

July 17: Jim Buchanan, “Following Footprints and Memory: Reexamining Assumptions about the Fight for the West Woods,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

July 24: Jim Rosebrock, “Confederate Artillery Commanders at Antietam,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

July 23-28: Chambersburg Civil War Seminar, “Antietam: The Bloodiest Day,” This is the largest Antietam conference ever held! It features detailed Antietam battlefield walks and specialized tours of the campaign including Crampton’s Gap, Harpers Ferry, the Battle of Shepherdstown, and more! Antietam guides Tom Clemens, John Michael Priest, Steve Recker, John Schildt, Kevin Pawlak, Jim Rosebrock, Chris Vincent, Steve Stotelmyer, Gordon Dammann, Sharon Murray, Justin Mayhue, Gary Rohrer, Joe Stahl, and Matt Borders will be featured speakers and tour guides.

July 31: Steve Stotelmyer, “John Pope at Antietam: His Influence on the Maryland Campaign and the Final Attack at Antietam,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

August 7: Kevin Pawlak, “In the Wake of Antietam: The Loudoun Valley Campaign of 1862,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

August 14: Matt Borders, “A Last Roll of the Dice: The Third Confederate Invasion of the North, 1864,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

August 28: John Schildt, “People and Places at Antietam,” Jacob Rohrbach Inn

October 5: Matt Borders, “The Battle of Cool Spring, July 18, 1864,” Mosby Heritage Area Association Conference on the Art of Command in the Civil War

October 5: Kevin Pawlak, “A Civil War No More: Hard War in Early’s 1864 Campaign”

November 12: Jim Rosebrock, “Regular Artillery at Antietam,” Loudoun County Civil War Roundtable


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