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Spring at Antietam: Gearing up for the Sesquicentennial

Because the month of April is now upon us, we are at the start of the busy 2012 touring season for Antietam. Warmer weather means that, not only are the trees and flowers are in bloom, but it as perfect a time as any to get out onto the battlefield to see some of the most hallowed ground in American history.

To prepare for our busy upcoming season, this past Friday evening, March 30, we held our spring battlefield guide meeting at the Antietam Visitor Center. We were very thankful to have new Antietam Superintendent Susan Trail in attendance. After discussing matters of how to continue improving our organization, our guides received certificates verifying their status as an Antietam tour guide. Because most of our guides were present for the meeting, it was also a great time for a group photo.

We hope to see you at Antietam soon. With the warmer weather and the historic 150th anniversary of the battle upon us, there is no better time to visit Antietam than now.

We Want to Hear Your Opinion!!

One of the goals for the Antietam Battlefield Guide Association is to provide the best possible interpretation of the Battle of Antietam for our customers and followers. The creation of this new website/blog for the Antietam Battlefield Guides is a major part of that, as this is designed to be more interactive with you.

In keeping with this new theme of having an interactive website, we will be introducing periodic polls in our posts, asking for your opinion! These polls will cover many different topics, ranging from asking you what you find interesting about Antietam to which part of the battlefield you want to learn more about. In the future, we may even advertise specialty tours and programs by asking your opinion on what types of programs you would like to see us offer. Stay tuned for updates, information, and polls, as we try to offer the best possible tours and interpretation to those who want to learn more about the crucial Battle of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign of 1862.

For our first poll, we want to know how YOU plan to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam this year.

So, what are your plans? We want to hear YOUR opinion!

Mentor Meet Up Today at Antietam Battlefield

Today (February 11, 2012) we met with seven candidates who passed the Antietam Battlefield Guides written test.  Called the “Mentor Meet Up” the seven highly motivated folks got to meet their mentors and plan for the additional training and practice that they will complete to become successful Antietam Battlefield Guides.  Both mentors and mentored are excited to begin the process.  Their motivation was demonstrated by their willingness to brave some rare (for this year) snowy weather to meet at the historic Newcomer House today.  The guides training and professional development committee planned the event.  Thanks go to Bill Sagle, Justin Mayhue, Brian Richardson and Jim Rosebrock for putting it together and to John Schildt, Brian Gamble, Dan Vermilya, and Randy Buchman who volunteered to mentor the Class of 2012.  Our seven candidates are Marty Pritchett, Sharon Murray, Matt Borders, Tim Ware, Dave Maher, Jason Campbell, and Kevin Pawlak.  Joining us were WMIA Director Bob Casey, and park rangers Mannie Gentile and Mike Gamble.


    (Left to Right: Jim Rosebrock, Marty Pritchett, Matt Borders, Bill Sagle, Tim Ware, Justin Mayhue, Dave Maher, Brian Richardson)

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