Finding Antietam: A Guide’s Story, Justin Mayhue

This is the eleventh essay in our monthly series “Finding Antietam – A Guide’s Story.” Each month, we’ll feature the story of one of our guides and what sparked their interest in Antietam and the Civil War and why they became an Antietam Battlefield Guide. Antietam Battlefield Guide Justin Mayhue shares his story this month.

Justin Mayhue and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in 2018.

I was introduced to the Civil War by my father at an early age. As the years past, I took my interest to a higher level. I listened intently to my mentors at the Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable. I developed a keen interest in relics and memorabilia. Antietam is my home battlefield since I was born and raised in Washington County. Becoming a guide in the early days of the program was a natural fit for me. It certainly is not a job, It is my passion.  Keeping the memories and sacrifices of the fallen alive is important to me. I have given over 1,150 tours and counting.


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