Three Antietam Guides Now Harpers Ferry Certified

Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry

On Saturday, April 23, 2013, three Antietam Battlefield Guides sat for the first ever Harpers Ferry guide test for the 1862 Maryland Campaign certification.  In a move to establish a credible guide program, National Park Historian Dennis Frye developed a process and written test especially designed to attract qualified personnel to guide visitors desiring private tours.  Antietam Guides Jim Rosebrock, Justin Mayhue, and Gary Rohrer successfully completed the 2 ½ hour test which consisted of 16 essay questions.

The threesome finished the test within minutes of the time limit.  Justin observed that “there were often several questions within a question, which made it more like 40 essay questions.”  Essay booklets were provided and nearly filled by the applicants.  Gary remembered having writer’s cramps from writing so much in response.  Gary took the test to further expand his versatility.  “I wanted to be able to give the entire 1862 Maryland Campaign tour and passing this test makes that possible.” Jim Rosebrock welcomed the opportunity to become certified by Harpers Ferry.  “Formal National Park Service certification really adds credibility to our program and allows Gary, Justin and I  to provide historically accurately interpretation of another major Maryland Campaign battlefield. I encourage other Antietam guides to pursue this certification in the future.”

Dennis Frye said “we are very excited to have [Jim], Gary, and Justin certified Harpers Ferry Battlefield Guides.”  He continued by offering “congratulations on passing the test, and for making history at Harpers Ferry as the park’s first certified guides.”

The three guides may be booked by either WMIA or the Harpers Ferry Historical Association.

Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry

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