Scenic Antietam

For those that have visited Antietam before, you know how strikingly beautiful the scenery on and around the Battlefield is.  Even if you know nothing of the history (something we aim to change, if true), the rolling terrain, purple-blue mountains, meandering creek, stunning skies, and peaceful wildlife alone makes Antietam worthy to be a part of the National Park system.  All the more reason to get out there and walk the fields with an Antietam Battlefield Guide.  As we get closer and closer to the remembrance of those 12 tragic hours of brutal combat on the hills and fields surrounding Antietam Creek and Sharpsburg, MD, take the time to step back and appreciate the startling contrast of the beauty of the land.


(video by YouTube user tktodd)

(The following videos and images were created/shot by Antietam Battlefield Guide candidate Dave Maher)

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