Antietam Battlefield Guide Test Offered Today in Sharpsburg

ImageThis morning in Sharpsburg, fifteen aspiring guide candidates took the written examination to become Antietam National Battlefield guides.  Those applicants that successfully pass the test will begin a rigorous training and mentoring period this year to become certified by the National Park Service to provide historical interpretation of the Maryland Campaign and the Battle of Antietam.  The new guides will play an important role in the 150th anniversary programs planned at the park this year.  Good luck to everyone who took the test today.

2 responses

  1. When is the next reenactment at the Antietam battlefield?

    1. Rodger,
      The last battle reenactment to ever be held on a National Park site was at Antietam in 1962. The National Park Service has since banned all battle reenactments on National Battlefields. To learn more about the NPS reenactment policy, check out this youtube video which was produced by the Park Service (you may have to cut and paste the link into your browser’s address bar)
      Antietam National Battlefield regularly offers many Living History demonstrations, which many times include historic weapons firing demos. The next artillery firing weekend will be held on Sept. 29-30. For more info, check out the Park’s schedule on their website
      Of course, Antietam’s 150th is fast approaching, and the Park has been scheduling many Living History demos all over the Battlefield that weekend. The scehedule of events for Anniversary Weekend (Sept. 14-17) can be seen here

      There are two Antietam reenactments planned this year, to be held on farms in the vicinity of Antietam National Battlefield on two different weekends. They are in NO way affiliated with Antietam National Battlefield, or Antietam Battlefield Guides.
      Information on them can be found here:

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