Tom Clemens

Thanks for considering a visit to Antietam! Considered by many to be the pivotal battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg as Southerners called it, proved to be one of the most dramatic and bloody clashes in American history. The pastoral beauty of the battlefield, set in the rolling hills of western Maryland, bears little resemblance to the blasted landscape and carnage that was the aftermath of the battle. It would be my pleasure to help re-create the scenes of the struggle for you and provide insight to the various aspects of the campaign.

I’ve been giving tours of Antietam for over 15 years. To me, every tour is a customized tour, as each person has his/her own questions and interests. The advantages of hiring a professional guide are having questions answered immediately, visiting places of special interest on the field, and having one’s desires catered to by a knowledgeable, professional authority. The topic of my doctoral dissertation was the history of the battle and I have been studying this campaign for nearly 30 years. I’ve also been a college professor for almost as long, and am devoted to stimulating intellectual curiosity, as well as creating an emotional bond with our history. I have written numerous articles about the campaign and Civil War in general, and have volunteered as a costumed interpreter for nearly 30 years at Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Gettysburg and many other historic sites.

Dedicated to not only interpreting the Civil War, I am also committed to preserving Civil War sites. Since 1989 I have been the President of Save Historic Antietam Foundation, Inc., an organization I helped found in 1986. We have helped preserve thousands of acres in the vicinity of Sharpsburg, and saved several key structures of historic importance as well.

I can also do tours of: Harpers Ferry; South Mountain; Shepherdstown Ford; hospital and headquarters sites of the Maryland Campaign; and I am willing to tailor a tour to any special wishes you might have.

It would be my pleasure to share my passion for history with you, your friends and family.

Dr. Tom Clemens


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  1. Dr. Clemens,

    Would you be available for an Antietam Battlefield tour on June 21 (Thursday) at 1 PM? We are also interested in a Harpers Ferry tour on the morning of June 22nd.

    Scott Harris

    1. To book a battlefield guide, please contact the Antietam Museum Store at 301-432-4329.

  2. Tom would you be available for an Antietam Battlefield tour on Saturday Sept. 28, 2013??
    This is a Motorcycle Group from the Harley Owners Group from M&S Harley Davidson in Chambersburg, PA. They are tired of my talks which only hits on the three points of the Battle. Give me a break down on cost for different size groups. We plan to make a day of it. We will meet at M&S Harley in the AM and I will lead the ride to Antietam.

    1. Hi Mike,
      To book Tom directly, you’ll need to call the Antietam Museum Store at 301-432-4329. They will be able to review Tom’s schedule, or get you directly in contact with him to schedule your tour.
      I hope you have a great tour!

  3. Tom,

    This is link to an article in Smart Growth Maryland on the preservation efforts that occurred in and around Antietam/Sharpsburg over the past 2+ decades.


    David Tighe Whitaker, AICP
    Maryland Department of Planning

  4. How do I go about securing you as a guide when I visit Antietam?

    1. Kip,

      For battlefield tours, you can book Tom by contacting the Antietam Museum Store for Western Maryland Interpretive Association

      Antietam Museum Store:

      Phone: (301) 432-4329


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