Mannie Gentile

Mannie Gentile

Guide Mannie Gentile has an intimate familiarity with Antietam National Battlefield as he was a park ranger here for eight years.  Mannie thrives on being able to bring the battle story to life for visitors as they walk together in the footsteps of the men who gave us the gift of our history.  A Michigan native, Mannie resides with his author wife on the shoulder of South Mountain the heart of Maryland’s Civil War country.

“The stories of the people who fought here are what make the story so interesting to me” says Mannie, and he strives to bring his passion for the subject and his storytelling skills to each of his tours.

Mannie specializes in the two and a half hour tour which is just enough time to tour the park at a leisurely pace and to tell the stories that illustrate the service and the sacrifice that remind us all of the true costs of freedom as they unfolded on September 17th, 1862 – America’s bloodiest day.

Mannie has a knack for putting written history into context for visitors.  “You bring the battle to life” is a compliment that Mannie hears frequently.
Join Mannie for an experience that you will remember for years and stories that you will be able to share with others as you continue to explore our nation’s rich history.


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