Vol. II: Antietam

Errata Vol. II

p. 24 – Should read Major E.F. Sturtivant. Not E.E. Sturtivant.

p. 37 – Should read P. F. Liddell, not P.E. Liddell. The index p. 652 is also incorrect.

p. 44 – fn. 59 – Should read Capt. Rufus Pettit, not Petit.  Also incorrect on p. 171, fn. 5, p. 527 and index p. 656.

p. 53 – fn. 3. – Addition – Meade’s presence, and also Hooker’s, at the Poffenberger barn is mentioned in J. H. Stine, History of the Army of the Potomac (Philadelphia: J.B. Rogers Printing Co., 1892), p. 191.  Stine described himself as Historian of the First Army Corps.

p. 55 – fn. 6 – Should read Waters B. Jones, not Watters B. Jones.

p. 81 – fn. 49 – Col. William Christian’s middle initial was H, not A. 

p. 82 – fn. 50 – Should read Albert Booz, not Albert Bootz.

p. 117 – fn. 9 – Robbins’ middle initial in this, and other references should be M, not K.  They are listed as two separate people in the index, p. 658, but they are the same person. 

p. 202 – fn. 50 – Bryne was in Co. A, not L, of the 72nd PA Inf.

p. 240 – fn 1.  Elijah Benton Withers’ name is spelled incorrectly.  It is correct in the index, p. 667, but the middle initial is incorrect there.

p. 246, fn. 10 – Clarification – French’s attack was not directly ordered by McClellan, but by orders to Sumner, evidently transmitted to French.

p. 326 – fn. 43 – Should read Milberry Green, also incorrect in index, p. 647. Also, H.P. Cooke was in the 2nd, not 4th NJ. 

p. 414 – Should read Simon G. Griffin, not Simon S. Griffin. 

p. 435 – fn. 5.  Should read H.W. Mattern, not Louis Mattern.  Also confused in index, p. 653, all references should be to H.W. Mattern.

p. 436 – fn. 8 – Should read W.R. Dicks, not W.R. Deeks. Also incorrect on p. 452, n. 36, and index, p. 644.

p. 466 – Should read Col. W. H. P. Steere, not Steers.

p. 490 – fn. 111. Correction – McClellan left the Pry House between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., spending much of the day with Fitzjohn Porter on a knoll east of the Boonsboro-Shepherdstown Turnpike.  (Thanks to Stephen Sears for this correction.) 

p. 542 – Should read Col. John W. Henagan, not Henegan and the index, p. 648, is also incorrect.

p. 545 – Maj. Francis D. Holladay’s name is misspelled, both here and in the index, p. 649.

p. 556 – fn. 134 – Should read Charles W. Dallam, not Dallan. Also incorrect on p. 594, fn. 151.

p. 575 – fn. 37 – Clarification – Although Byrne wrote that eh 72nd PA had 15 companies, no other evidence supports that notion.

p. 609 – fn. 39. –Should read Robert W. Withers, not Robert O. Withers.


p. 635 – There were two George L. Andrews in the Army of the Potomac.  All references are to Col. Andrews of the 2nd MA Inf. except p. 532 which is Maj. George Andrews of the 17th US Inf.

            Baldwin, Lewis G. – the p. #s should be 94 & 96, not 95 & 97.

p. 636 – Capt. Barber – no references to him on these pages, or any near them. 

p. 637 – Should read Brisbane, not Brisbake.

            Hamilton A. Bown’s name is out of alphabetical order, and Capt. Harvey W. Brown should be Capt. W. Harvey Brown.

p. 638 – The reference for Christopher Carpenter on p. 69 should be listed under Capt. John Carpenter.

            Lt. Col. John Clark, p. 525, is not the same person as Col. John B. Clark, p. 533

            Lt. Col. Melvin Clark 36th OH is conflated with Lt. Col. Francis Clarke, 4th US Art., who was omitted from the index.  Melvin is mentioned on pp. 447 & 538, Francis on pp. 213 & 304.

            Col. Amasa Cobb, 5th WI Inf. and Gen. Howell Cobb – page references intermingled.  Amasa Cobb is mentioned only on pp. 305, 534-5 and all other references are to Howell Cobb or his brigade.

p. 643 – Capt. M. B. Council, first reference is p. 55 (fn) not 50. 

            Bottom of the page should read Cross, Edward, not Criss, and thus it is out or alphabetical order.

p.644 – Cunningham, David – is mentioned only on p. 476 (fn), not p. 475.

            Capt. Edwin L. Custis is out of alphabetical order, currently following John Curtin.

Lt. George B. Davis – page reference should read p. 174(n)

            Lt. W. N. Dennison – the page references listed all apply to Capt. John Tidball, who commanded the battery in which Dennison commanded a section.  The only reference to Dennison personally is p. 359.

p. 645 – Lt. Frederick Edgell & 1st NH Battery – This entry seems to be conflated with Monroe’s D, 1st RI Battery.  The only pages that mention Edgell are pp. 39, 159(n), 160, 160(n) 161 & 175.  All other references are to Monroe’s Battery (although they do not appear under that entry) except p. 580 which mentions neither. Edgell is listed on p. 523, but that is omitted from the entry.

p. 647 – Col. J. Catlett Gibson and Lt. Col. John Catlett Gibson are the same person and the entries should be combined. 

            Capt. Jacob B. Golladay, 33rd VA Inf. appears only p. 560. All the other references appear to be to Col. William B. Goodrich, commd’g. 3rd brigade, 2nd Division Twelfth Corps, and who was omitted from the index.

            Col. Andrew J. Grigsby is the same person as Col. A. J. Grigsby, and his separate entry should be omitted, and p. 560 added to Col. A.J. Grigsby’s entry.

p. 648 – S. O. Hale – he appears in the note on p. 95, not 96.

            Harrison, William H. and Harrison, J. W. are the same person.  His name was William H, and the entries should be combined. 

            Lt. W. Ross Harshorne and Lt. W. Ross Hartshorne are the same person.  The correct name is Hartshorne, the entries should be combined, and spelling on p. 56(n) should be corrected. 

p. 649 – Frank Holsinger is mentioned in the note on p. 96, not 97.

p. 650 – George S. James and John M. James are in reverse alphabetical order.

            Jenkins, p. 377 refers to Gen. Micah Jenkins’ brigade, and this entry should be combined with that entry.

p. 651 – Lt. Col. David A. Key is incorrect, and nobody by that name served in the Maryland Campaign.  The reference on this p.491 is to Col. Thomas Marshall Key, on McClellan’s staff. 

            Capt. John C. Key, 44th GA – entry is correct, except for p. 512(n) which refers to Maj. John James Key, brother of Thomas Marshall Key, and also a staff officer. 

p. 654 – Benjamin C. McManigal – first reference is p. 440(n), not 438.

            Ben Miliken – is mentioned on p. 128 in the notes, not the page.

p. 655 – Edward Moore and Edwin Moore are the same person, the correct name is Edward and the entries should be combined. 

            James C. Nesbit and J.C. Nisbit are the same person, and the correct spelling is Nisbit, and the spelling on p. 53(n) should be corrected.

            Charles D. Owen – is mentioned on p. 529, and not on pp. 530 nor 598(n).

p. 656 – Lt. Col. Samuel W. Owen – correction, he is mentioned on p. 29, not 28. 

            Ario Pardee Jr., – Ario is the correct spelling of his first name.

            George M. Patterson & Battery – The page references are intermingled with Parker’s Battery.  Patterson’s is mentioned only on pp. 55, 147, & 566.

            Capt. James J. Phillips is not mentioned on p. 548(n).

p. 659 – Jeremiah Stallings is mentioned in the notes on p. 128, not on the page itself.

p. 660 – Lt. Col. Benjamin Taylor, 2nd MD Inf. US is not the man mentioned on p.305. That is Lt. Col. Joseph H. Taylor of Sumner’s staff, and who is omitted from the index. 

            The entry Lt. John S. Thompson is incorrect, he and Lt. John H. Thompson are the same person and the entries should be combined.

            Capt. Exton Tucker is mentioned on pp. 241, 250, & 563, not on p. 251.

p. 665 – 1st RI Art. Battery C, was not mentioned on pp. 318,323, & 350.

p. 667 – Capt. Richard Waterman & Battery C, RI Art – They are not mentioned on pp. 318, 323, or 350.

p. 668 – The page references for Lt. Col. Vincent Wilcox, 132nd PA Inf., Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox (omitted from index) and Gen. Orlando B. Willcox are all tangled up.  Here are the proper attributions:

Wilcox, Gen. Cadmus Marcellus – He was not present but his brigade was, p. 256, 259-60, 269, 271, 281, 347, 349,587(n), 602.

Lt. Col. Vincent M. Wilcox, Lt. Col. 132nd PA – p. 283(n), 528, 575.

Gen. Orlando Bolivar Willcox – to his references ADD p. 579, 582.

Charles U. Williams – omitted from index, is mentioned on p. 435(n) and this reference does not refer to Maj. Hazael J. Williams.

Ben Witcher – to his references ADD 128(n).

Robert O. Withers is the same person as Robert W. Withers, omit the former and add the reference to the latter.  

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