Union Artillery Batteries in the North

This tour will visit several locations on the North end of the battlefield. You will be seeing the sight lines from the artillery positions. Six batteries from the 1st, 2nd, and 12th Corps will be visited. This tour will involve driving to several stops and then walking to the positions of the batteries. I will provide detailed maps showing the battery position and a range line for reference. These maps were developed by a commission in the 1890s. An important aspect of this tour is to review the sight lines and reach of the artillery.

The tour will start at the visitors center with a review of artillery and the types of ammunition used by the artillery. From there we will proceed to the Upper Bridge where the 4th Maine Artillery was placed.

Next we will follow the route taken by some of the artillery to the Joseph Poffenberger farm where we will hike to the locations of Capt. Monroe’s Batty D 1st RI Lt. Arty and 1st New Hampshire Lt. Arty. Both these batteries were later moved south of the east woods.

The next stop will be on the Wilson Farm ( recently acquired by the Civil War Trust) to look at two positions of Battery I 1st US Regular Lt. Artillery as they engaged the Confederates in the West Woods.

Driving to a parking area on the Mumma farm lane we will walk northwest toward the visitors center to the position of Battery A 1st RI Lt. Artillery. This position was critical to the fighting in both the West Woods and the Sunken Road. The battery did some of the most effective shooting of any Union Battery.

The last location to visit is that of Battery K 1st US Regular Lt. Artillery on the right of MG Richardson’s Division. This battery was where General Richardson was when he was mortally wounded.

At each of these locations we will review the reports and stories of the batteries. At each location I will discuss an individual who was a member of the battery whose image I will share with you. Who were these soldiers and what happened to them.

For more specific information regarding this special tour, please feel free to contact me, Joseph Stahl, at jsidtag@outlook.com.

To book this tour, contact the Antietam Visitor Center bookstore at 301-432-4329.

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