Patrick’s New York Brigade

23rd New York - Library of Congress

23rd New York – Library of Congress

Following in the footsteps of Brigadier General Marsena Patrick’s New York Brigade

In this hike of about 1 ½ miles we will be walking on the right flank of BG Doubleday’s Division. This brigade would be west of the famous Corn Field fight. Because of the terrain this brigade would not be visible to the units in the Corn Field. After their initial attack several of BG Patrick’s regiments would end up in assisting the counterattack against BG Hood’s Texas Brigade. After this action the brigade withdrew to the area west of the Miller barn.

Highlights of the hike will include:

We will meet at the visitors center for a quick summary and then drive to Joseph Poffenberger farm. From there we will walk over to the Hagerstown Pike to begin following the brigade’s route of march.

We will be moving south toward the West Woods through the Miller Farm on the west side of the Hagerstown Pike. When we reach the Starke Avenue we will then move to the East to a rock ledge that is written about in several of the reports. Quotes from Official Reports and Regimental Histories will be reviewed.

When the regiments withdrew to the area east and north of the Miller Barn they stopped and remained in the area until later. A several stories of what happened next will be of interest. Additional quotes from Official Reports and Regimental Histories will be reviewed.

As a part of the tour I will discuss several individuals from these regiments based on images and ID discs from my collections.

For more specific information regarding this special tour, please feel free to contact me, Joseph Stahl, at

To book this tour, contact the Antietam Visitor Center bookstore at 301-432-4329.

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