Island of Mercy: Caring for Wounded Soldiers at Antietam

by Keith Rocco

September 17, 1862, is the bloodiest day in American History. This is the legacy of Antietam. There is another story of the day of carnage that is not told. Because of the work of Surgeons Jonathon Letterman, USA, and Lafayette Guild, CSA, a workable evacuation system was instituted to relieve the suffering of the brave soldiers of both armies. The purpose of this 3-hour tour will be to show you the “Islands of Mercy,” the Antietam hospitals.

We will be able to visit Pry Hospital and Barn, see a reproduction ambulance and travel past hospital sites rarely seen.

Your image of Civil War Medicine will be forever changed.

For more specific information regarding this special medical tour please contact Gordon Dammann, Battlefield Guide and Founder of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, at

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